Week Eight Results

This one is going to be short and sweet. I have strep throat, and therefore feel beyond awful. Figured I’d hop on the scale before making the big move from the bed to the couch, and had to pay a bill, so figured while I was on the computer, I’d share my results, because there are definitely the silver lining on this otherwise painfully crappy day. 

So, this week, I lost … 


1.6 lbs! Super stoked, especially considering I went out for breakfast and ate a cookie or two (or six) yesterday. 

Grand total is up to 9.8 lbs! I am slightly frustrated that it’s taking so long to hit that 10lb mark, but I seem to have hopped over the plateau of not losing and managed a good loss!! So I am now 9.8% of the way to my goal, and if everything goes as planned, I should be over that 10lb mark next week 🙂 


Until next time, 




I am a Bad, Bad Blogger (AKA Week SEVEN)

Well. I’ve been a little neglectful. 


Life has been hectic. 

I suck. 


The good news is I stayed the same again this week … the bad news is that this is three weeks without a LOSS 😥 


It’s totally my fault. I have developed my typical “fuck it” attitude that tends to creep up when life gets busy or difficult, and I have been floating along, slowly slipping into bad habits. 

NOW. Before I get too down on myself, I think it’s important to recognize that I have not gained anything in these past few weeks, and that in the past, a few hectic weeks would have led to an extra lb or two. So that’s the positive. I have still been stopping when I’m full, and that’s been the key to maintaining – relatively healthy choices most of the time, and only enough until I’m full. I’ve discovered the key to maintenance, but I have a lot to lose before I consider that… 


Since my weigh in on Tuesday, I have refocused. I ate a healthy meal tonight for dinner, I drank lots of water, and I avoided the sugary sweet carb loaded snacks I was craving. This evening, I was craving something sweet (amazing how once you get a taste, you crave like crazy!), but I made a coffee instead and left the couch, since that’s where the cravings seem to kick in. So far, so good. I have been eating veggies, (and fruit, if you count the tomatoes…), and been taking it easy on the carbs. I’ve been making sure to take my vitamins and avoid the drive thru windows. Have still managed to go without fast food, and except for craving the emotional reaction (I wanted a chilli cheese burrito and fries supreme so badly on Monday – I could literally imagine the feeling of biting into it and thought about how marvellous it would feel), but I resisted. I had three bites of ice cream and then cooked a healthy dinner. My “splurge” was cooking with white pasta instead of whole wheat. 


SO. I might be a bad, bad blogger, who has been neglecting writing and myself, but I have been working on me and have been doing some self discovery. And hey, I didn’t gain, so I’m still doing pretty damn well. 


Here’s to what should be a fantastic week eight! 

Until next time, 



Week Six – The Turkey Day Weigh In…

I find it hard to believe I’m already on week six of this journey! So far, I would say it’s been a success, although not without challenges and life lessons. 


This week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I stepped on the scale. I avoided my usual “weigh myself every day” toward the end of this week, mainly because I was super busy and just didn’t feel the need to. That tells me that I was less focused this week – when I’m on track, I’m usually ridiculous about weighing myself once or twice a day. It was nice not to be chained to the scale this week, but I still don’t think I’m quite ready to go down to once a week – I need that motivator, that daily reminder of why I’m doing this whole thing in the first place. 


So, this week had a few challenges – eating out is a constant one. I still haven’t had “fast food,” but I’ve eaten out a fair amount and have tried to make good choices while out. My mind set when I go to a restaurant is “I’m out, I’m at a restaurant, I’m not going to just have a salad and call it a day.” I figure if I’m out, I’m out, and I will order what looks good. That being said, instead of going the burger and fries route, I did a wrap and a salad. I had whole wheat pasta loaded with veggies. I had one pop instead of four, or just had water. The most important thing, is that I stopped when I was full. I consider that a major success. 

So, the weigh in. Tough to do a weigh in after a weekend full of turkey, pie, and other delicious food. I tried to have small amounts of everything, and not eat more than I should, again, stopping when I felt full. 

I was expecting a gain this week (when I made my sweeping “I will have reached the ten lb total” declaration at my last weigh in, I forgot it was Thanksgiving weekend…). In the past, it would not be unusual for me to binge on leftovers all day on Monday and then weigh myself and see that I’d gained a pound or two over the weekend from all the crap I ate. 

So total, when I weighed myself and saw that I’d… stayed the same, I was thrilled! That gets me back on track for this coming week – back to no pop, back to veggies and fruit and my multivitamin. Back to single helpings, avoiding leftovers, and not eating late at night. 


I never thought I’d be so thrilled to stay the same weight! 


Until next time, 



Weigh In Five…

Well. It’s as I suspected. 

The scale jumped up a bit. BUT I was prepared, and totally didn’t get down on myself about it – so that’s the good news! 

I’m going to keep this one short, because I pretty much said it all in the last one. I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t hit that official “10 pounds” goal, but I’ll totally hit it by weigh in six, I’m certain. 

A wise friend suggested I skip the weigh in. I thought about it, I really did. Then I decided that I need to embrace the hiccups in this journey as much as the successes, and learn from them. I’m back on track this week, and wanted to know the damage done. 

Another wise friend commented that it looked like I was getting it – that even though it was an off week, it’s still better than I would have done in the past, and I have to agree – Instead of gaining two, or three, or even four pounds after a major crazy week (and trust me, that’s happened…), I gained…


Exactly one pound. 

So, I’m back down to 8.2 lbs lost, which is still a pretty impressive feat in my world. I’m still 8.2% of the way to my goal, and I know that this pound will be GONE next week! 


Until next time, 



“I’m so Full!”


Weigh in number five is tomorrow, and I am 100% expecting a gain. 

I’m okay with that because this week, I’ve had a series of crazy events and have not been “on track.” 

Sometimes, life gets in the way of our very best efforts. Even the most health conscious person must have a week where life gets hectic and they gain. The gain I’m sure to see will likely be gone the following week. I’m currently PMSing, so add a half a pound. I have had minimal sleep this week, add a half a pound. I have eaten like crap, so add a pound. I have had way too much sodium and not enough water, so add a pound. 

I’m preparing myself so that I’m not upset and disappointed tomorrow, because I know I will be a little disheartened to see the scale go up a bit. The good news is that these are temporary pounds that will be shed by getting back on track with healthy eating, drinking lots of water, and getting some sleep. By week 6, I’ll be back on the way to reaching my goal! 


So. Why a gain? 

Tuesday was fine, a good day. Was excited to report a 9.2 total loss, super set to head toward that 10lb mark this week. I had a tummy ache, leftover from the night before, so I didn’t eat much, and when I did, it was light and healthy stuff. On Tuesday, I found out that we had a $700 car repair bill to pay for, and was pretty stressed about it. In light of my recent realization that I am, in fact, an emotional eater, it wasn’t surprising I was craving sugar. I managed to resist, and was pleased. 

Wednesday was my birthday. And dammit, I’m going to eat what I want on my birthday. Wesleigh and I went for our free Denny’s breakfast. I ate until I was satisfied, then one bite more, then gave the rest of my hash browns and my sandwich to him to finish up. First time I haven’t cleared my plate of my “Moon over My Hammy” because, damn, it’s a tasty sammich! We then went for dinner with the family. We went to the Mandarin, which is always delicious! I had soup, salad, and one plate of hot, fried, delicious food. Normally, I would have had three plates of the hot stuff and had to lay down when I got home, but I stopped when I was full and didn’t feel guilty about “not getting my money’s worth.” I realized that I don’t need to eat myself silly to do that – I ate a meal that was satisfying, tasty, and left me comfortable and not feeling gross. 

Then there was ice cream cake. And it was delicious. 

Thursday was decent – it was an Oxford day, and Wes and I had ventured out to get groceries, so I was able to get back into routine as far as healthy choices. Then, I went to my mom’s to bring her something, and there was leftover ice cream cupcakes from the night before. And I had one. And another one. And was not pleased, but hey, shit happens. 

Friday was okay. I went to work for the first time all week (Wesleigh and I were enjoying some vacation time together), and I took a lunch. I didn’t go out at lunch and get Tim Horton’s. I had a wonderful class and was able to leave in a great mood at a great time. I got home and cooked dinner – chicken and perogies. Perogies were not a great choice, I realize, however, I had one scoop of them on my plate, was full, so stopped. We actually had leftover perogies, which never happens in the paliweldrick household. 

Then, I headed to my mom’s. (Seeing a pattern here!?) Her house is full of delicious treats for my niece and nephew. She is good about stocking up on crackers and granola bars, and even some fruit, but nope, I wanted crap. I didn’t do too badly, but I was tired, sore, and grumpy, and craving. I didn’t get home until about 3am, because Wesleigh was at a party and I had to pick him up and drive him home. At 4:07, my phone rang. 

My cousin (and one of my very best friends) was in labour, six weeks before the baby was due. I hopped out of bed and drove up to the hospital, and it was a write off from there. Until we knew she and the baby were okay, food wasn’t a major concern. I had a granola bar that my other cousin had thought to bring, and split a bagel with my aunt in the morning. After all was said and done, and mom and baby were good, I headed home, around 1:00. I stopped at my mom’s house and there were cinnamon buns. I had one. I had some cheese, and I had some crackers, and I had a few handfuls of crackers, and realized I needed to get home! 

I got home and managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. When I woke up, there was no way I was cooking dinner, so we ordered in a pizza. I ate too much of it. I was full, and still had another piece. I hit the point of “it’s good, and comforting, and I don’t care” – the difference is, I was aware of it. 

Sunday was okay – The baby shower went on as planned, and as most family events in my world happen, there was a TON of food, all of it delicious. I did pretty well – only one bun, one scoop of caesar salad, one small helping of pasta. By the time I was done that, I was FULL. I had a few bites of the next course, then realized I was uncomfortable, and it was silly to eat just because it was in front of me. I had them package it up and took the rest home. By the time dessert rolled around, I was hearing things about the magnificent cheesecake on the table. It was pre-sliced, but I took that cake server and sliced a slice in half. (Sorry to whomever got the other small piece!) I still got to enjoy the cheesecake, but ate less. 

Managed to do okay for the rest of the evening, but still nibbled here and there. 

Woke up feeling yucky today, a side effect from the craziness of the last 48 hours. It was all TOTALLY worth it, as I was able to support my cousin while she brought a beautiful baby girl into the world, and was able to help throw her a shower, even if it wasn’t quite what we had originally planned! I am feeling happy with the crazy, a little unhappy with my “screw it, whatever” attitude about nibbling and snacking this weekend, and about eating the portions that I did. 


The difference is, and the reason why this isn’t going to derail me like it has in the past, is that I am fully aware and conscious of what happened and what went wrong this week. I am SO aware of the bad choices and low will power I had as far as indulging in the little snacks, especially late at night, that I will be uber aware this week and change it. I’ll be thinking about how much better I feel when I’m not snacking, both physically and mentally. I’ll be thinking about how I need to drink water instead of pop or juice. I’ll be thinking about planning healthy meals that are also tasty that will help me reach my goals. I can look at this past week and weekend and understand why what happened happened, and be prepared for the scale to go up a pound or two and KNOW that it’s only temporary, and that it’ll be gone by this time next week. 

Life happens. I’m slowly learning how to deal with what it throws at me while still making good choices. This week was a great learning experience. 

And hey, no matter what happens on the scale tomorrow, I still got FOUR compliments on how great I looked yesterday, and that people could tell the dress I was wearing looked looser / nicer on me. So hey, it was a good week! 


Until next time, 


Week Four Weigh In Day!

Well, my week four weigh in has arrived. I was a little disheartened by last week’s 0.4 lb loss, and while I was happy to have lost anything at all, it’s always a better feeling when you lose more. I used that smaller loss to fuel this week’s progress, and it worked to my advantage.

This week had a few challenges – I wasn’t at home as much, I had pizza for dinner one night, I had a cold and just wanted to eat comfort foods. I managed to do okay in spite of these challenges – I avoided the comfort foods and stuck with soup. I didn’t eat an entire pizza (because trust me, I could). I had extra salad instead of extra pasta when I was having dinner away from home. I managed.

One of my highlights of the week was getting the “you look like you’ve lost weight” compliment. It came from the most honest source I have, so it was definitely a great thing. I haven’t lost a ton yet, but I have definitely lost a significant amount. I typically need to drop about 20 lbs before I see a change in pants size, unlike most who need to lose about ten. I blame my apple shape (could I carry any more weight in my midsection!?) and the fact that I’m tall. I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet, but my mom (the aforementioned honest source) told me on two different occasions that she had noticed a change through my midsection.  I was pretty thrilled,  to say the least.

I also spent two days this week roasting peppers for the freezer with my mom. This meant two days of getting out of bed, washing my face, brushing my hair, throwing on my glasses, and heading out the door. I hadn’t put on my make up, worn my contacts, or put any effort into my appearance for three days. Yesterday, while getting ready to head out with friends, I did my hair, put in my contacts, and put on my normal make up. I looked at my face in the mirror as I was getting started and noticed that my face was looking a little less round.

Simple things. I know I still have a LONG way to go, but these small changes, small compliments, and seeing the scale drop serve as motivation and inspiration. It’s hard to keep going when there are no changes or results, and even though I didn’t see high results last week, instead of having a binge-fest or giving up altogether, I kept going. This week’s results showed that perseverance is key.

Today, I weighed myself. I stepped on the scale, looked down at the number, and said “are you kidding me!?” Then, I got off, and weighed myself again. Same result.

No, I didn’t lose another three or four pounds. I’d be worried if I had. BUT, I did lose a fabulous 1.6 lbs! This means I am down 9.2 lbs, and am 9.2% of the way to my goal!! SO close to that first 10% milestone! Can’t.Freaking.Wait.


9 pounds of fat, right there! So happy this is off my body and will NEVER be back on it!!


Until next time,