Week Six – The Turkey Day Weigh In…

I find it hard to believe I’m already on week six of this journey! So far, I would say it’s been a success, although not without challenges and life lessons. 


This week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I stepped on the scale. I avoided my usual “weigh myself every day” toward the end of this week, mainly because I was super busy and just didn’t feel the need to. That tells me that I was less focused this week – when I’m on track, I’m usually ridiculous about weighing myself once or twice a day. It was nice not to be chained to the scale this week, but I still don’t think I’m quite ready to go down to once a week – I need that motivator, that daily reminder of why I’m doing this whole thing in the first place. 


So, this week had a few challenges – eating out is a constant one. I still haven’t had “fast food,” but I’ve eaten out a fair amount and have tried to make good choices while out. My mind set when I go to a restaurant is “I’m out, I’m at a restaurant, I’m not going to just have a salad and call it a day.” I figure if I’m out, I’m out, and I will order what looks good. That being said, instead of going the burger and fries route, I did a wrap and a salad. I had whole wheat pasta loaded with veggies. I had one pop instead of four, or just had water. The most important thing, is that I stopped when I was full. I consider that a major success. 

So, the weigh in. Tough to do a weigh in after a weekend full of turkey, pie, and other delicious food. I tried to have small amounts of everything, and not eat more than I should, again, stopping when I felt full. 

I was expecting a gain this week (when I made my sweeping “I will have reached the ten lb total” declaration at my last weigh in, I forgot it was Thanksgiving weekend…). In the past, it would not be unusual for me to binge on leftovers all day on Monday and then weigh myself and see that I’d gained a pound or two over the weekend from all the crap I ate. 

So total, when I weighed myself and saw that I’d… stayed the same, I was thrilled! That gets me back on track for this coming week – back to no pop, back to veggies and fruit and my multivitamin. Back to single helpings, avoiding leftovers, and not eating late at night. 


I never thought I’d be so thrilled to stay the same weight! 


Until next time, 




2 thoughts on “Week Six – The Turkey Day Weigh In…

  1. jessmcconnery says:

    Good job Jen! Thanksgiving is a tough one for me too, I hope I’m as fortunate as you at my weigh in tomorrow!

  2. Ruby says:

    good job Jen. Keep it up.

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