I am a Bad, Bad Blogger (AKA Week SEVEN)

Well. I’ve been a little neglectful. 


Life has been hectic. 

I suck. 


The good news is I stayed the same again this week … the bad news is that this is three weeks without a LOSS 😥 


It’s totally my fault. I have developed my typical “fuck it” attitude that tends to creep up when life gets busy or difficult, and I have been floating along, slowly slipping into bad habits. 

NOW. Before I get too down on myself, I think it’s important to recognize that I have not gained anything in these past few weeks, and that in the past, a few hectic weeks would have led to an extra lb or two. So that’s the positive. I have still been stopping when I’m full, and that’s been the key to maintaining – relatively healthy choices most of the time, and only enough until I’m full. I’ve discovered the key to maintenance, but I have a lot to lose before I consider that… 


Since my weigh in on Tuesday, I have refocused. I ate a healthy meal tonight for dinner, I drank lots of water, and I avoided the sugary sweet carb loaded snacks I was craving. This evening, I was craving something sweet (amazing how once you get a taste, you crave like crazy!), but I made a coffee instead and left the couch, since that’s where the cravings seem to kick in. So far, so good. I have been eating veggies, (and fruit, if you count the tomatoes…), and been taking it easy on the carbs. I’ve been making sure to take my vitamins and avoid the drive thru windows. Have still managed to go without fast food, and except for craving the emotional reaction (I wanted a chilli cheese burrito and fries supreme so badly on Monday – I could literally imagine the feeling of biting into it and thought about how marvellous it would feel), but I resisted. I had three bites of ice cream and then cooked a healthy dinner. My “splurge” was cooking with white pasta instead of whole wheat. 


SO. I might be a bad, bad blogger, who has been neglecting writing and myself, but I have been working on me and have been doing some self discovery. And hey, I didn’t gain, so I’m still doing pretty damn well. 


Here’s to what should be a fantastic week eight! 

Until next time, 




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