Week Nine Results!

Well, life has been hectic once again. Kind of a trend in my world, always something going on to me or those close to me. Now that I have clued into the fact that I am an emotional eater (and in some cases, an emotional non-eater), I am becoming aware that just because something has been happening that’s not normal day-to-day (being sick, working different shifts, having a weird schedule, etc), it does not give me an excuse to mow down on everything in sight.

In light of that fact, I was careful this past week to ensure I have been eating meals, despite the strep throat. Typically, when I’m sick, I go without eating for a couple of days because I feel so crummy, but then once I’m feeling better, it’s an all out “eat everything your couldn’t” for a day or two.

This week I was also careful to watch portions, stop when full, and make good choices. I did have fast food for the first time in nine weeks, and I definitely enjoyed it while I was eating it (a burger and fries from Wendy’s), but my tummy did not agree later that evening. It’s amazing – I had this food on Saturday night, and it’s now Tuesday. I am STILL craving sugar, sweets, and salt. Damn, that stuff is addictive. Back to avoiding the fast food, for sure. It is nice to know that I can have it once in a while and not throw myself completely off the rails, but the fact that I have been having to consciously ignore the cravings is a pain in the behind, and something that I will not subject myself to often because it’s not fun depriving yourself of something your brain and body is craving.

But anyway.

This week was another good weigh in, I must say. I lost… 1.2 lbs!

That means I have officially passed that first ten lb hurdle and landed on 11 lbs total!! So I am officially 11% of the way to my ultimate goal, and I have surpassed my initial 10 lb goal. The next milestone I would like to hit is the 20 lb mark. Usually – haha, not usually – always – I get close to hitting that 20 lb milestone, and I quit trying. I always seem to self-sabotage and never actually hit that mark. I truly feel like if I can accomplish that first 20 lb mark, I will be unstoppable! It would be very nice to have dropped that full 20 lbs by Christmas, a wonderful gift to myself. I am not going to get down on myself if I don’t, because weight loss is a slow and steady kind of process for this gal.The fact that I have lost 11 lbs in nine weeks means I have lost an average of 1.2 lbs per week, which is an absolutely acceptable and appropriate rate of weight loss, especially if I want to maintain the loss and not gain it and ten of its friends back like I have in the past.

So, without further ado…


This is what 11 lbs of fat looks like. This is FOREVER gone from my body, people!

Until next time,